Nowadays a trend among most women. Specially among the stay at home moms. All is going perfect catering their kids and husbands.

Looking after their home but do they get what they want .Appreciation they crave for i. Is that to much to ask for

Just a smile ,a sign of love ,a hug can say all. Its our duty OK but we are doing this 24/7 so at least our family can show some respect some appreciation.

I myself is a stay at home mom. Well I choose to be .I have done my graduation in Microbiology.

A mom of 5 kids. With no spacing .Because my husband wanted a boy .I had three girls then a boy. Now a girl again. Its to much for me to handle .I cry sometimes alone. Am I good mother? do I give the attention and time my kids deserve ?will they have set backs because of me?

An other question am I good wife?

Even my husband complains all the time that I am not  giving him proper time and attention and if he has an affair it will be because of me .My negligence towards our relationship.

What do you think ? Is it me?People around me?